30-Day Marketing Plan


Our objective is to be your MEGAPHONE IN THE MARKETPLACE making it EASY for a buyer looking for a home like yours to find it through the internet, a buyer's agent and a yard sign that points to the internet.

How we do it

  1. In depth consultation with the Seller where Marketing Plan and pricing strategy is fully explained with supporting data.
  2. Complete all initial paperwork accurately
  3. Install "For Sale" sign with web address
  4. Have your home photographed by a professional photographer.
  5. Install "Lock Box"
  6. Place your home on the Multiple Listing Services, NorthWoodwardHomes.com, Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, Remax.com, Facebook, and all other relevant websites that buyers go to.
  7. Send "Just Listed" postcards to sphere of influence and neighborhood.
  8. Review showing procedure
  9. Promote your property to every Buyer, Realtor, and anyone else who may know someone looking for a home.
  10. Attempt to obtain showing feedback on condition and price and share with Seller.
  11. Discuss activity
  12. Discuss market evaluation, sales and competition
  13. Discuss price, terms and conditions of offers
  14. Review Seller's motivation and urgency to sell
  15. Discuss market position and price adjustment

In Addition:

  • Provide staging and repair suggestions that will help sell your home quickly and reduce complications
  • Present all offers and discuss negotiation strategies.
  • Help you deal with inspection issues
  • Meet the lender's appraiser at the property and provide comparable sales data and other necessary information about the property.
  • Keep you informed about the status of buyer's loan and progress toward closing
  • Examine closing documents for accuracy with Supervising Broker
  • Attendance at closing.